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Cracking the Code: Finding the Perfect Posting Frequency for Social Media Success

“How often should I be posting on social media?”

It’s a simple question, but the answer can be a little complicated. If you don’t maintain an active presence on your social media profiles, customers will likely choose another business when searching for local products and services.

But, posting too often will overwhelm your followers and give you a negative reputation. Do this for too long, and they’ll unfollow you. Neither scenario is good for your business.

So, how often should you post?

Many companies have conducted studies to determine what works best on various social platforms. We analyzed the data in those studies to give you an idea of how often to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The frequency of posting on social media for your business depends on various factors, including your target audience, platform preferences, and the resources you have available. While there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer, I can provide you with some general guidelines to consider:

1. Quality over quantity: Instead of focusing solely on the number of posts, prioritize creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience. Valuable and engaging posts are more likely to generate positive results.

2. Consistency is key: Maintaining a consistent posting schedule helps you stay on your audience's radar. Regular updates can keep your followers engaged and build brand recognition. Consider creating a content calendar to plan your posts in advance.

3. Platform-specific considerations: Different social media platforms have varying user expectations and optimal posting frequencies. For example, Twitter demands more frequent updates due to its fast-paced nature, while Facebook or LinkedIn may require fewer but more substantial posts. Research each platform's best practices to tailor your approach accordingly.

4. Audience engagement: Pay attention to how your audience responds to your posts. Monitor metrics like reach, likes, comments, and shares to gauge their interest and adjust your posting frequency if needed. If you find that you're receiving minimal engagement, it might be beneficial to experiment with different posting frequencies.

5. Test and iterate: Social media algorithms and user behaviors evolve, so analyzing your results and adapting your strategy is essential. Experiment with different posting frequencies over time, measure the impact and refine your approach based on what works best for your business.

Remember, finding the right posting frequency is a process of trial and error. It's crucial to balance staying visible to your audience and not overwhelming them with excessive content. Consider your specific circumstances, monitor analytics, and be flexible in adjusting your approach as needed.

Conclusion - Generally speaking, here is how often your business should post on social media:

  • Facebook: 3-5 times per week

  • Twitter: 3-5 times per day

  • LinkedIn: 3-5 times per week

  • Instagram: 3-5 times per week

And remember to mix it up with the theme of your posts.

  • Mondays - Post about Goal Setting/Inspiration

  • Tuesdays - Promote your business and services

  • Wednesdays - Humor - Got a clean joke?

  • Thursdays - Promote your business and services

  • Fridays - Fun Fact (I like Rock & Roll facts)

  • Saturdays - Comment on a cool famous quote

  • Sundays - REST and PLAN for the next week


For a quarter of a century, Chris Heeb has been a pillar of the St. Louis community, embodying the role of a dedicated local business proprietor. He is passionately committed to his local community and promoting businesses that align with his mission. His Catholic faith is at the heart of his endeavors.

As the owner of Midwest Faith Media LLC and the publisher of Clayton Parish Neighbors, Chris channels his vibrant energy into inspiring families to reconnect with their faith. He encourages them to share their spiritual journey with friends and their wider neighborhood.

In addition to his publishing responsibilities, Chris engages in various activities at Little Flower Catholic Church. He cherishes spending time with his wife and children and is passionate about cooking, frequently delighting family and friends with his culinary creations. Feel free to reach out to him to chat about your business at

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