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Money is Green: Business Knows No Faith

In today's world, we are more interconnected than ever before, and our understanding of faith has grown beyond the confines of a single tradition or religion. This concept of interconnectedness beautifully illustrates the growing trend of faith-based magazines embracing sponsorship from individuals or entities who may not strictly align with their religious doctrine.

Take the example of a Catholic faith-based magazine like Clayton Parish Neighbors. These publications often carry messages of peace, love, faith, and unity – principles that aren't exclusive to the Catholic community but resonate universally. Now, suppose the magazine opens its doors for sponsorship from non-Catholics. What could this inclusivity mean, and why should businesses consider this as an opportunity?

Firstly, let's take a pragmatic approach: "Money is green." This phrase, a clear nod to the universal color of currency in many countries, underlines the fact that the purpose of money transcends religious boundaries. It's a tool, a resource that fuels initiatives; in this context, it's a vehicle for spreading positive messages far and wide. From a business perspective, it's essential to remember that the economics of running a faith-based magazine involves the same financial principles as any other enterprise. They require resources to function, grow, and reach their audience, regardless of the religious or non-religious origins of these resources.

Essentially, it does not matter if you are a non-Catholic and want to advertise in a Catholic magazine. It's about trust... Do What You Say & Say What You Do. In other words, do you possess the qualities of integrity-- soundness, sincerity, truthfulness, coherence, honesty, of good moral character?

Secondly, it's crucial to note that "business knows no faith." This doesn't negate the role of personal faith in guiding business ethics and decisions. Instead, it recognizes that effective business strategies embrace diversity, inclusivity, and universal appeal. Sponsorship isn't merely a financial transaction; it's a partnership. When a business sponsors a faith-based magazine, they align itself with its core values, reaches out to its dedicated reader base, and marks itself as an entity that respects and supports diverse perspectives.

So, even if a business owner or entity isn't Catholic, they might appreciate the positive values a Catholic magazine promotes. By sponsoring, they support these values and the community the magazine serves. This inclusive approach can foster interfaith solidarity, building bridges of understanding and cooperation that our world so desperately needs.

Moreover, this inclusivity can lead to a broader reader base. Faith-based magazines, while rooted in specific religious traditions, can also offer insights into the human condition, ethics, and morality that are universally appealing. They can provoke thought, inspire action, and encourage dialogue – not just among followers of that particular faith but anyone open to engaging with different perspectives.

Lastly, sponsoring a faith-based magazine can highlight a company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment. In an age where consumers are increasingly conscious of businesses' ethical stances, sponsoring initiatives that uplift communities, foster peace, and promote unity can significantly enhance a brand's reputation.

In conclusion, the sponsorship of faith-based magazines should not be confined within the boundaries of their respective faiths. Embracing sponsorship from all sources, irrespective of their religious affiliations, presents an opportunity to foster interfaith understanding, reach a wider audience, and enhance the societal impact of these publications. The diversity of sponsors can be the strength that allows faith-based magazines to thrive in a globally connected world.


For over 25 years, Chris Heeb has served the St. Louis area as a local business owner who deeply cares about the community, promoting locally the businesses that support his mission and his Catholic faith.

As Owner of Midwest Faith Media LLC, he is devoted with a joyful spirit to inspire more families to rediscover their faith and to share their journey with friends and others in their neighborhoods.

Aside from his publishing duties, he is involved in various activities at Little Flower Catholic Church, enjoys time with his wife and children, and loves to cook for family and friends.

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