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Trust That Lasts - 3 Tips to Impact Your Advertising

When customers have a need for a product or a service, the first thing they do is look for a business they can trust. They want to know that a business is reliable, ethical, and will deliver on its promises. That leaves businesses wondering, “What is the best way to convey this in our advertising?” The answer is easy – utilize print advertising.

Here is how print advertising can help build and keep trust with your customers.

Tip #1 -Print Advertising Keeps Consumers Focused In A Distracted World

Consumers get so many notification come through on their mobile devices throughout the day. They are constantly pulled in multiple directions, multitasking between work, family, home, and personal life. When a potential customer sits down with a magazine, they are consciously stepping back from the hectic nature of online interaction and choosing to focus on the information before them. Readers who are full attentive to the page are more likely to build a connection with your branding message. Refer to the example below where one of our sponsors Clayton Parish Neighbors commented on how effective our marketing approach is (in just one issue) to her business.

Tip #2 - Print Advertising Brings Connection

Print advertising provides potential customers with a sense of your product or service that cannot be conveyed through flashing online advertisements. Not only have studies shown the tangible nature of print increases the customers likeliness to purchase a service or product, but by utilizing content marketing in print publications, you can tap into your customers emotions. See below.

Tip #3 - Print Advertising Builds Aunthenticity

When online, customers are constantly wary - wary of scammers, wary of misinformation, wary to provide purchase information to businesses. By utilizing print advertising, your business is automatically seen as trustworthy. Placement in a specifically targeted magazine with relatable, authentic content boosts consumer's confidence in your product or service. Look below where two of our business sponsors, Buckingham Pest Control and Teachers As Tutors, are positioned in an authentic content piece that will ultimately build trust with the readers as they see their ads each month.

Your Next Step

Consider the benefits of partnering with Midwest Faith Media LLC and one or both of our magazines:

Micro Targeted – Reciprocation = Word of Mouth

Our magazines are mailed monthly to thousands of families (via USPS) with purchasing power (home values over $350,000) within the St Louis metropolitan areas.

Hyper Local – Open, Read, Kept, Shared

In a multi-state survey with 265 adults surveyed the data shows 98% of people would open our style of magazine if they got it in the mail, 94% of people would read the magazine and 91% of people would consider using the businesses if they needed the services/products.

Impactful – Powerful Family Faith-Based Content

Our magazine is an effective Branding approach, most welcome to Consumers. Our magazines strengthen our St. Louis community by shining a spotlight on neighbors and celebrating their contribution to their respective communities. Our business sponsors are embedded into this local faith-based network of St. Louis homeowners and enjoy the benefits of promoting their brand.

In conclusion, the objective of any marketing campaign is to effectively and strategically build your brand, the best way to do that is to focus on hyper-local, niche markets. That is exactly what you get with faith-based magazines like ours in the St. Louis community.


For over 25 years, Chris Heeb has served the St. Louis area as a local business owner who deeply cares about the community, promoting locally the businesses that supporthis mission, and his Catholic faith.

As owner of Midwest Faith Media LLC and the publisher of Clayton Parish Neighbors and Kirkwood/Webster/Des Peres Parish Neighbors, he is devoted with a joyful spirit to inspire more families to rediscover their faith and toshare their journey with friends and others in their neighborhoods.

​Aside from his publishing duties, he is involvedin various activities at Little Flower Catholic Church, enjoys time with his wife and children,and loves to cook for family and friends.

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