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Unleash the Power of Branding: A Blueprint for Success

In the fast-paced business world, it's easy to relegate branding to the back burner of your to-do list. However, investing time and resources in building a solid brand can be the key to long-term success. The good news is that it's never too late to start! Just ask Xavian Roofing and owner Bryan Curtain.

Bryan is a successful business owner of a local roofing company in St. Louis. He is a hard worker who cares deeply about his business legacy and will do whatever it takes to build a solid brand within the community. He is one of our valued sponsors in more than three faith-based magazines.

When branding your company, there are three crucial principles to remember: clarity, consistency, and commitment. These are the cornerstones of effective brand development, and Midwest Faith Media publications can be your trusted partner in establishing a solid presence within your community and customer base.

1. **Clarity:**

Achieving clarity is essential on both sides of your brand equation. Your consumers should clearly understand your company, its purpose, and its values. Simultaneously, as a business, you must gain clarity about your target audience and what captures their attention. By advertising with Midwest Faith Media, you position yourself within a niche market of engaged Catholic communities and consumers who are passionate about the content in these magazines. This ensures your ad remains visible and relevant to your target audience, maintaining their interest and engagement.

2. **Consistency:**

Consistent visibility is the key to ensuring consumers turn to your business when needed, even before they require your products or services. According to a 2019 State of Brand Consistency study by Lucidpress[2], maintaining brand consistency can lead to a 33% increase in revenue. By consistently using your logo, fonts, and colors in your monthly ad, you create recognition and familiarity among readers and consumers. Print media has proven to be the most effective medium for retaining marketing messages[3]. We at Midwest Faith Media provide design services to create a professional ad from your assets and deliver this trusted media directly to your consumers' doorsteps every month.

3. **Commitment:**

Building brand recognition requires a steadfast commitment. We offer contracts that extend up to 36 months, ensuring that your business stays in front of consumers consistently over an extended period. Even if they don't require your services this year, when their needs arise in the future, they'll already be familiar with and remember your brand. A long-term commitment to a reputable print publication can yield benefits for years.

In conclusion, branding is an investment that pays off in the long run[1]. By embracing the three C's of branding—clarity, consistency, and commitment—with the support of our publications, you can position your business for enduring success and recognition within your community and customer base. Don't wait; start building your brand today!

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[2] "2019 State of Brand Consistency study" by Lucidpress. [Read more](

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For a quarter of a century, Chris Heeb has been a pillar of the St. Louis community, embodying the role of a dedicated local business proprietor. He is passionately committed to his local community and promoting businesses that align with his mission. His Catholic faith is at the heart of his endeavors.

As the owner of Midwest Faith Media LLC and the publisher of Clayton Parish Neighbors, Chris channels his vibrant energy into inspiring families to reconnect with their faith. He encourages them to share their spiritual journey with friends and their wider neighborhood.

Contact him at (314)266-9827.

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