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Business Spotlight - Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss can be more than a physical change; it often affects confidence and emotional well-being. At Hair Loss Solutions, we understand this and are dedicated to addressing the issue's core. The key to effective hair loss treatment is understanding its root cause, which they specialize in.


Certified Trichologist, Chrissy Stojan, employs the latest tools and technology in trichology - the branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the hair and scalp. Her extensive training allows her to pinpoint the exact reasons behind your hair thinning or loss. With this knowledge, she can then recommend tailor-made treatments for you.


For those seeking immediate solutions, their Master Hairstylist and Colorist are on hand to offer a range of wigs and toppers. Toppers, in particular, are gaining popularity for their ability to provide coverage for thinning areas or to add more volume. Chrissy Stojan goes the extra mile by custom coloring these toppers to ensure they blend seamlessly with your natural or dyed hair color.


For those more inclined towards wigs, the range is vast. As Stojan explains, “There is so much difference in wigs, from the construction of how it's made to the hair itself.” To ensure you choose the best wig for your needs and budget, Stojan offers a detailed walkthrough, highlighting the differences between, for instance, a $300 wig and a $4,000 one.


Beyond immediate coverage solutions, they also have non-surgical treatments to regrow your hair. One such pioneering method includes using Growth Factors - a groundbreaking treatment that has shown promise in addressing thinning hair. Some clients have witnessed hair regrowth in as little as five weeks!


Hair loss is not inevitable. With the advancements in treatments and our holistic approach, hair loss can now be a choice. You no longer need to suffer in silence or feel resigned to your situation. Let Hair Loss Solutions guide you back to full, healthy hair.


Take the first step towards regaining your crowning glory by booking a consultation with Chrissy today. Call 636-751-8180 and rediscover your confidence. 


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